Twin City Liner

The TWIN CITY LINER is a light aluminium high-speed catamaran with jet propulsion. Due to its low draft and low wash, the high-speed catamaran is the perfect solution for the Danube and especially for the Danube Canal, which is often very shallow in the summer.

The heart of the TWIN CITY LINER is a pair of MTU diesel engines and Hamilton water jets. The water jets generate a turbo effect and can propel the ship to speeds of up to 70 km/h. In order to skim along the Danube quickly, quietly and economically, however, cruising speed averages about 60 km/h.

The high-speed catamaran is fully air conditioned and equipped with luxurious first-class seating, info-flatscreens, panoramic windows and a lookout deck.

The exclusive Sky-Gourmet-Catering on board offers a wide range of delicious, freshly prepared petite dishes, snacks and drinks at decent prices. Souvenirs are also available on board.


Vienna and Bratislava are the nearest located EU capitals. Only 60 kilometres are separating the two cities. At the moment, both cities move together even closer, because the Twin City Liner goes city center to city center: From Schwedenplatz there are 12 kilometres along the Donaukanal (Danube canal), therefore the only sluice between Vienna and Bratislava (Danube/Freudenau) can be by-passed.

Then we are skimming along the Danube at 32,5 knots or 60 km/h cruising speed for approximately 50 kilometres and are landing directly next to the Old Town of Bratislava.


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