Viennese Schnitzel

Wiener Schnitzel (German, meaning Viennese cutlet) is a traditional Viennese dish, consisting of a thin slice of veal coated in breadcrumbs and fried. Possibly originating in Milan, Northern Italy (as cotoletta alla milanese), the recipe may have appeared in Vienna during the 15th or 16th century. According to another theory, it was introduced by Field Marshal Radetzky (who spent much of his life in Milan) in 1857. The term "Wiener Schnitzel" itself dates to at least 1862 (while the Austrian ruled Milan right since the end of the Napoleonic age).

The Viennese Schnitzel comes in many shapes and sizes and even it’s colour may vary. It can be made with lamb, pork or chicken and can be served with potatoes or chips and savoured with ketchup and so on. Every tavern has it’s own advantages and the Schnitzel is definately Figlmüllers. Only the best personaly chosen farmers deliver the meat, the breadcrumbs are made from Kaiser rolls in a special bakery and if anyone thinks our Schnitzel is fried in a friteuse he‘s mistaken.

Thinly sliced filets of meat are fried for no longer than thirty seconds in a moderately tempered frying pan in pure vegetable oil which is naturaly disposed of after two or three courses.

That is, therefore, the secret of Figlmüller’s Schnitzel. The neccesary preparation is so important otherwise the meat would be too thick and would have to be fried longer in order to be cooked thoroughly.

It is obvious that Figlmüller‘s Schnitzel’s good reputation has come not only because of many famous personalitys praise but that it is indeed this refined culinary method of preparation which has given Figlmüller‘s Schnitzel it’s good name


1905 was not just any old year in the past, it was the year in which Figlmüller was born later to become, without a doubt, the most famous Schnitzel maker of Vienna.

The restaurant, located directly in the centre of Vienna, in the Wollzeile number 5, next to the St.Stephans Cathedral, as it is readily descibed to any asking tourist who is searching for it, was taken over by Hans Figlmüller in the third generation and carried on in his father’s tradition.

„If you’ve not been to Figlmüllers, you’ve not been to Vienna“ somebody once said and he could not have expressed it more suitably.

Being one of the few remaining family companys in Vienna, it’s certainly Figlmüller’s wish to preserve its culinary culture, tradition and quality but simultaniously not to antiquated or unfashionable. In accordance with this the company opened another restaurant in Grinzing in Viennas 19th district in 1971 which promptly became an important destination for hungry Vienense guests and tourists visiting Vienna.

In 2001 the time had finally come for the fourth generation of Figlmüllers‘, Thomas and Hans Figlmüller, to show their interest and take their individual part in the family business.

This took the form of the third consecutive restaurant. The „new Figlmüller“ opened its doors just around the corner from the „old Figlmüller“. And the result of this new idea is well worth seeing. The same undisputed good quality, the perfect and charming service, the famous Figlmüller Schitzel just as large and as tasty as always and yet again better than ever.

The rooms with a slightly more modern design, the menu a little extended and the whole atmosphere certainly not old fashioned or behind the times as can be expected by a new generation of Figlmüllers.


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