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Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
Palais am Stadtpark
Hotel Betriebs GmbH&Co KG
A 1010 Vienna, Parkring 16
+43-(0)1- 515 17 - 0
+43-(0)1- 512 22 16
Living in "a" Palace:
© Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
© Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
There are few cities in the world that benefit from their history as much as Vienna does. Its historical monuments, artistic and cultural treasures attract millions of visitors to Austria’s capital every year and create an ambience that is difficult to escape. The palaces called Palais along Vienna’s Ringstrasse, survivors from the days of the monarchy still form an impressive backdrop for the visitor of today.

The Radisson SAS Palais Hotel is the only hotel in Vienna that can boast two palaces in which its guests cannot only bask in 5-star comfort, but also enjoy the charm of the Ringstrasse as it goes back in the days of the monarchy. It consists of two faithfully restored palaces, the “Palais Leitenberger and the Palais Henckel von Donnersmarck”. In the course of the restoration, all hotel rooms were equipped with air condition, TV, mini bar; to cut short with modern infrastructure but none of its traditional flair has been lost.
© Radisson SAS Palais Hotel © Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
© Radisson SAS Palais Hotel © Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
As a 5* hotel, the Radisson SAS Palais Hotel is primarily geared towards businessmen and -women. This is why features like the Royal Club, for example, has been included so as to take the requirements of the business traveller into particular consideration.

The facilities integrated into the hotel such as the fish specialities restaurant "Le Siècle", the Bel Ami Bar and the Palais Café are of an equally high standard and are therefore also a popular choice for the Viennese.

The hotel is located in the heart of Vienna on the Parkring which means that it is only a few minutes’ walk into all parts of Vienna’s historical first district.
© Radisson SAS Palais Hotel © Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
© Radisson SAS Palais Hotel © Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
The Radisson SAS Palais Hotel is a link between the traditional "Ringstrassen hotels" and modern ones.
A little history

The Radisson SAS Palais Hotel has in fact not one, but two histories because the present hotel consists of two "Palais", the Palais Leitenberger and the Palais Henckel von Donnersmarck.

Both were built during the so-called “fin de siècle”, a period in the second half of the 19th century. At that time Vienna was a centre of power and the Ringstraße, with its successful combination of varying architectural styles was being a trendsetter for whole Europe. The Parkring, with the Stadtpark opposite, was one of the most noble and aristocratic parts of Vienna.
© Radisson SAS Palais Hotel © Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
© Radisson SAS Palais Hotel © Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
The Palais Henckel von Donnersmarck
Hugo, Count Henckel von Donnersmarck, one of the pioneers of Austrian industry, had the palace built in 1872 as a gift for his second wife Laura, born Countess Kaszongi. The renowned Ringstraße architects August Schwendewein and Johann Romano Ritter von Ringe designed the magnificent building and the construction was carried out by Paul Wasserburger. After the death of the countess, the palace was sold to Count Mir, whose monogram "M" can still be seen in the count's coronet on the gable. In 1917 Alberto Marquis De Hohenkubin acquired the building, although he only stayed in it for a few time. In 1975 it passed into the hands of his heirs, the Barons Kubinzky who then sold it two years later to the municipality of Vienna. The renovation - based on the original architectural plans - took two years and was supervised by the Federal Department for Preservation of Historic Monuments. On the 4th of September 1985, the SAS Palais Hotel was opened as an international 5* hotel.
The Palais Leitenberger
The land and factory owner Baron Friedrich Leitenberger, who was one of the most important patrons of the arts of his time, built this palace. He paved the way for a whole generation of young artists, among them Makart, whose pictures characterise the “fin de siècle” period, and the sculptor Viktor Tilgner. He had it built in 1872 by Ludwig Zettel in a style that was absolutely not typical of his time, rather bare and with little figured decoration.
Restoration and Extension
The Radisson SAS Palais Hotel consists of two former separate palaces, the Palais Henckel von Donnersmarck and the Palais Leitenberger. The Palais Leitenberger was faithfully restored between 1991 and 1993 and then connected with the Palais Henckel von Donnersmarck. The conversion and restoration were carried out in close co-operation with the Federal Department for Preservation of Historical Monuments in accordance with the conditions governing the protection of Austrian historical monuments.

The Palais Leitenberger was built between 1872 and 1875 and is one of the last remaining original palaces from the Historical period of the Viennese Ringstraße.
The renovation has made it possible to retain the historically valuable basic structure of the Palais Leitenberger, including the Bel Etage, the grand staircase, the entrance and the courtyard as well as the facades.
Some rooms were, in parts, structurally unsound. The original star parquet floors were rotten. The huge wooden doors had been varnished and pictures painted over. During the renovation work, much of the magnificent wooden panelling could be restored, only the parquet had to be replaced, the new bearing the original designs, of course. The doors were polished and today look much like they would have done the turn of the century.
© Radisson SAS Palais Hotel © Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
During the restoration work it was also possible to make good changes that had been undertaken only decades before. For example, in one of the salons of the Bel Etage, remains of the original wall coverings were discovered and thus the salon could be restored to its original splendour. Similarly, whilst work was being carried out, it was discovered that a ceiling that had been originally regarded as stucco was, in fact, an elaborately carved wooden one. Also, it was possible to restore old doorknobs and handles so that they could be refitted in their original positions. Today, the equally painstakingly restored outer facade corresponds, both in its design and colour to that of the original palace.
The restoration work has not only recreated the splendour of the rooms themselves. The whole palace has been equipped with a modern technical infrastructure. The walls have been reinforced by means of concrete injections to critical places, the new foundations are supported by steer girders. In the rooms of the former dancing school, a multi purpose function room has been installed. New garage facilities offer 32 parking places. A roof has been placed over the old courtyard, which now serves as the hotel reception. The winter garden has also been restored.
Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
Palais am Stadtpark
Hotel Betriebs GmbH&Co KG
A 1010 Vienna, Parkring 16
+43-(0)1- 515 17 - 0
+43-(0)1- 512 22 16
all Pictures: © Radisson SAS Palais Hotel
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