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Prescan GmbH at the Rudolfinerhaus
1190 Vienna, Austria
Billrothstrasse 78
+43-(0)1- 360 36 36 36
+43-(0)1- 360 36 58 04
Prescan is a co-ordination-centre for modern medical check ups
Not everyone has access to modern medical check-ups with state-of-the-art techniques and internationally trained doctors in their own country. Prescan offers full VIP-service for foreign clients covering customized preventive medicine, no waiting time during the examinations, an accompanying native speaker, and translation of the written medical reports. All this in the luxurious ambience of the private clinic Rudolfinerhaus.
 Not only do we welcome foreign clients we also serve local clients with our extensive health check-ups (far more detailed than the regular check-ups offered by the public health insurance service). Our medical check up programs are coordinated in a time saving manner and addressed to people seeking an extensive check up with all the conveniences possible.

Health is not a gift but a life-long task covering regular medical preventive examinations and a sensible lifestyle. As always the earlier a disease is detected the more successful treatment can be.
Total Body Scan – modern health check-up for heart attack, stroke, and cancer
Using MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), ultrasound and CT (computer tomography) the Total Body Scan (check out here) is particularly valuable for health check ups because the technical devices are able to detect the smallest abnormality or calcification within the body – abnormalities the patient is unaware of. Not only can these normally invisible and symptomless abnormalities be detected but also early signs of cancer, heart attack, or stroke can be identified. Total Body Scan in combination with laboratory parameters and an extensive heart examination program, will give the client a precise condition of his health situation. Total Body Scan takes the patient on a journey through his body seeking early signs of disease.
Skin Cancer Screening: Digital Melanoma Check up
Early detection is crucial with cancer and especially so with skin cancer screening. Detected at an early stage treatment of melanomas is quick and easy. The most up-to-date technique is the MoleMax II – a digital amplified surface microscopy. The microscope scans ”conspicuous skin” with polarised light which is not reflected by the skin surface and can therefore illuminate the deeper skin layer supporting the dermatologist in his diagnosis.
Colon Cancer check up using the gentle CT Colonoscopy
Polyps (irregular growth of the colon mucosa) can develop into colon cancer if not treated. Colon cancer check ups enable an early detection and removal is therefore quite simple. The virtual colonoscopy, unlike the traditional colonoscopy is performed without using an endoscope (1-1.5 m long tube which is inserted into the colon).
The virtual colonoscopy is a CT examination of the abdomen (stomach) using a particular software which evaluates the images taken during the CT. Check out the video on colon cancer screening.
Cancer Check Up by Modern Diagnostic Imaging
 Modern diagnostic imaging methods (MRI scans, ultrasound, and CT scan) are significant for cancer check-ups (view video here). These methods are able to generate razor sharp images of the body interior and can detect the smallest abnormalities. In modern medicine, this is an essential tool for effective prevention of diseases. In large parts of the world this method is still widely unknown in preventive medicine but it has become state-of-the-art in scientific leading countries (such as the USA).
MRI Scan
For the MRI scan the patient lies on a cushioned bed that slides into a tunnel (for patients with claustrophobia there is an open MRI device available). The MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) technique involves the use of a magnetic field harmless to the body and produces cross-sectional images of structures deep within the body. The medical specialist can thus evaluate structures deep within the body that are otherwise not visible and can provide valuable information for cancer prevention. An average MRI scan lasts about 15-30 minutes and produces more than a thousand images.
More information here
CT Scan
Organs that are in constant motion (heart, and lungs) are generally examined by a CT Scan (computer tomography) – a special type of X-ray examination. In order to reduce the amount of radiation to a minimum the low-dosage procedure is employed when ever possible. This decision is also based on several criteria – does the patient smoke, how old is he, etc. The radiation dosage used is equivalent to the naturally occurring normal exposure dosage during the course of one year. CT scans take less time than MRI examination – normally about 10 minutes. This examination involves the patient lying on a cushioned bed which passes through the CT scanner (this has the form of a large ring) causing no problems for patients with claustrophobia.
More information here.
A day at PRESCAN
Below the shortened report (you can find the complete report here) of a 45_year old client who experienced a health check-up involving a Total Body Scan, laboratory investigations (stool, urine, blood) and a thorough heart examination (Cardiogram Plus). He gave up smoking 2 years ago and has a family history of cardiovascular disease as well as cancer.
„A medical check-up, involving the latest methods was my most important criteria. In my family, we do not have more diseases (my grandfather died of cancer and my mother of a heart attack) than in other families but every time I have a stitch in my side or an unaccountable ache, the thought crosses my mind that this could be a warning. And so one rainy morning I decided to take the plunge and see what happened.’“

A Week prior to the appointment: I receive the sample kit for stool collection, a medical history form, and other information.
8:00 o’clock Welcomed by Mrs. Jaiczay who takes care of my coat and gym bag. All forms are quickly checked that nothing has been forgotten and the doctor is already waiting for me to conduct a thorough interview concerning my health.

8:30 o’clock Mrs Jaiczay accompanies me to the laboratory and onward to have the first examinations of the Total Body Scan – ultrasound examination of the carotid artery, thyroid gland, and gall bladder. And eventually I am served breakfast.
9:30 o’clock After breakfast I and Mrs. Jaiczay head back to the radiologist department and shortly after I’m lying in the MRI scanner. After 45 minutes of “breath!”, “hold your breath!”, and “breath out!” the scan is finished. And I’m on to the CT scanner for the check up of my heart and lungs. And 15 minutes later I’m done! More details here
10:40 o’clock Cardiogram Plus starts with an ECG. Afterwards I jump onto the bike for the ergometry. And finally I can watch my heart beat on the monitor during the ultrasound. Very fascinating!

11:20 o’clock Mrs Jaiczay shows me the shower. After my shower I’m treated to lunch and leave the clinic shortly after 12:00 o’clock, happily relieved to have accomplished my health check up and eagerly awaiting the results.
Two days later Somewhat nervous I set out for the appointment to discuss the results of the various health check-ups. As Dr. Wegmann begins explaining the images of my internal organs, curiosity gets the better of me and I’m totally fascinated. Having told me right at the beginning that my health was actually quite good I’m really enjoying the scans and images of my medical check up. We start at the top and look at my brain images and the images of the brain supplying arteries, layer by layer. The next stop is my heart. I’m worried about it because my mom had a heart attack. Dr. Wegmann shows me a bit of calcification but nothing really serious. The next organ is my lungs (which have been tormented by my smoking). To my surprise the lungs have recovered quite well from my long time smoking habit and the doctor is also satisfied with the images. The next images of liver, pancreas, gall bladder, and kidneys are fine as well. Suddenly Dr. Wegmann points to spots on the screen. He frowns and tells me that there are some irregular changes in my spinal column and that I might suffer under a slipped disc soon. He recommends consulting an orthopaedic surgeon or a chiropractor. Besides this medical problem he is pleased with my overall health situation (and so am I). On the way to my car I thought: what a good feeling to know exactly what my health situation is and dial the number of a chiropractor.

Fell like reading more? Check out this!
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