Ostermann Pipes Vienna

In the heart of Vienna next to the big tourist spots and the main shopping streets. There is a small traditional pipe shop. In between banks and administrative body's.

Our shop was founded in the year 1811 by a woodcarver from the Tirol (west Austria). His name was Josef Ostermann. Since that time the shop helped and supported the people in Vienna with all their problems and needs for this hobby. Pipes and accessories in every pricerange and style. Whatever a cigarsmoker or pipelover and collector needs we always tried to fulfill his wish.

From that time on we built up a wide spread relationship with all considerable manufacturers and suppliers in this business.

Now after a huge number of generations has passed our shop is run by the very well known "3 LADY's" !

Of all of us, Felizitas Maszynski is the most experienced pipe specialist. She handselects every pipe to be displayed in the shop, no matter who made that pipe. Even the best known and most famous pipemakers from Denmark or Italy know her personally, and know that she has one of the best "eyes" in the business. Felizitas knows all about the pipemakers and always gets the highest level of quality when it comes to selecting new pipes for the shop.

We try to give our customers the newest information and the best help available. "Always up to date" is our motto, and our customers welcome our service.

We are truly proud to be the leading pipe shop in Austria.


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