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M.V. Medienconsulting & VerlagsgmbH
A 8020 Graz, Reininghausstrasse 13a
+43-(0)316 - 58 49 46 - 0
+43-(0)316 - 58 49 46 - 19
Your place to go for the best hotel job
and the best catering jobs:
Would you like a top hotel job?
You want to grab open the door to the international catering jobs?

Then there is no way round ROLLING PIN!
With thousands of job offers, catering jobs and hotel jobs the online portal is the most important place to go for this branch. “Who is looking for a hotel job or a catering job, can´t take a way round this web page”, assures Toni Mörwald, president of the BÖG, successful caterer and one of the decision makers, who obtains his staff with ROLLING PIN.
More than one million visitors in a year (1.5 million visits from 1.1 million unique visitors and 14.9 million site views from the 1st of January 2007 to the 31st of October 2008) speak in favour of the successful mixture: thrilling background stories, in-depth portraits of celebrity cooks, video clips and the latest video news, interesting F&B stories besides all the tricks for your career. Everything for the perfect hotel job and everything for the most interesting catering jobs.
Apply free of charge for a job in the hotel business, catering trade or cruise! With a few clicks you can activate your personal V.I.P. account, deposit your application papers and apply for one of the many top jobs, start your career now in a prestigious business at home or abroad.
Besides the online portal, ROLLING PIN is published 16 times a year as specialist magazine. With up to a 140.000 readers it ranks among the most important media for career and success. “From the suitable hotel job to the international catering job we offer our readers a vast number of information. News from the business, portraits of celebrity cooks including top favourite recipes and all the worth knowing facts to climb up the greasy pole”, list the publishers Harald J. Koch and Jürgen Pichler.
In most cook mills ROLLING PIN is on the list for required reading and is used as paper for training and further training. “Committed employees are the key to success. We always discover new team members for a hotel job with the help of ROLLING PIN”, also knows Klaus Kobjoll, patron of the Schindelwirt in Nuremberg and distinguished top employer of Germany.
M.V. Medienconsulting & VerlagsgmbH
A 8020 Graz, Reininghausstrasse 13a
+43-(0)316 - 58 49 46 - 0
+43-(0)316 - 58 49 46 - 19
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Views of Vienna
Aqua Terra Zoo
Belvedere Palace
Danube Tower
Hundertwasser House
Mozart's Apartment
Museum of
Military History

Spanish Court
Riding School

Parliament Building
(Giant Ferris Wheel)

Schönbrunn Palace
State Opera
St. Stephen’s Cathedral
Zoo Vienna
Siege of Vienna 1529
Battle of Vienna 1683
Maria Theresia
W. A. Mozart
Ludwig v. Beethoven
Battle of Aspern 1809
Battle of Wagram 1809
Congress of Vienna
Johann Strauß
Franz Joseph I
Sisi - Empress Elisabeth
Sisi Part 2
Austro-Hungary Empire
Sigmund Freud
Anschluß 1938
Bombing of Vienna
Flak towers
Vienna Offensive 1945
State Treaty
Summit 1961
OPEC raid 1975
SALT II treaty 1979
Austromir 1991
General Information
Public Facilities
Art, culture
and science

State Constitution
Austrian Armed Forces
The Third Man
Viennese Schnitzel
Wiener Hafen
Twin City Liner
Vienna Airport
UNO City
U.S. Embassy
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WIEN-VIENNA.AT associates itself with a liberal, tolerant, cosmopolitan, ecumenical and politically neutral world view.
Diversity of information and the support of free formation of opinion for people of every age, every social levels, cultures, denominations and political orientations are matters of concern for us.
WIEN-VIENNA.AT is a link and information platform with the aim to inform about Vienna while at the same time creating a collection of links from official and private Vienna-related internet pages. We strive to maximise the density of the presented information about Vienna. In part, contents of this link and information platform originate from websites about Vienna. Images and texts where the author is known are provided with an acknowledgement and a link to the respective site. In case of breached property rights with certain images, we kindly ask you to notify us and we will remove the respective images or excerpts from the platform or we will add an appropriate acknowledgement of ownership.
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