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BELFOR Austria GmbH
A 1230 Vienna, Grossmarktstr 8
+43-(0)1- 610 17 - 0
+43-(0)1- 610 17 - 9
Everything back in working order.
And all from a single source.
As a leading restoration company we offer you a full service: all services relating to restoration from a single source. In cases of damage, this guarantees short distances, efficient work, and thus time and cost savings for all those involved.

BELFOR is quickly on the scene, wherever you are. With more than 170 locations in over 27 countries, we are always close at hand. Some 3,200 BELFOR staff take good care that nobody must go without the best possible restoration solutions. Regardless of the nature of the damage.
Property Restoration
After a building has been affected by water or fire damage, it is important to identify all hidden damages, too – these are often the most dangerous ones as they have the most serious implications. Experts use state-of-the-art equipment to find out which restoration procedure is best suited. BELFOR applies all modern procedures and continuously refines them in its own laboratory. Important steps in the repair of a building include emergency measures, decontamination, drying, cleaning, odour neutralisation and reconstruction.
Electronics Restoration
Switch back quickly
It is amazing to see how many things can be repaired after they were damaged by fire or water. And who would have thought that a printed circuit board needs to be drowned to become fully functional again? BELFOR restores electronic systems of all kinds – from laptop computers to power plant controls, from medical equipment to machines for semiconductor production. Often this is done under extremely difficult circumstances, strict clean-room conditions and tough environmental requirements. Many teams integrate members with diverse international backgrounds and specialist expertise.
Machinery Refurbishment
Getting machines running again
The worst that can happen to a machine or plant after an incident is irreparable damage from corrosion, abrasion or getting stuck. Immediate anticorrosive treatment is the only thing that helps. Professional repair is often the most economical and fastest solution after a damage. The BELFOR experts work closely with machine manufacturers and customers – and against the clock. The aim is to get the machines running again quickly. The future of a company often hinges on the quality and speed of a restoration.
Data and Document Restoration
Getting values into the dry
The first steps after a damage are the most important ones. BELFOR uses a wide variety of methods to save documents and data, as each case calls for special treatment. Special engineering expertise – and sophisticated logistics and special technology – are required to dry sensitive papers and data to ensure that customers have access to their information also during the drying process. When it comes to restoring complete archives, customers can be sure of getting everything back in the right order.
The BELFOR Emergency Programme
RED ALERT® is an emergency response programme developed by BELFOR for industrial customers. The basic idea behind this programme is to get a business running again as quickly as possible after a disaster. When disaster strikes, RED ALERT® customers benefit from preferential service, which is defined in advance: with fixed priorities, emergency measures, responsibilities, staff training. The customer can be certain that all necessary steps are taken immediately, with no delay. As BELFOR knows the situation and knows what to do, the customer does not waste valuable time coordinating the immediate response measures but can focus all energy on restarting the operations and keeping the business going.
Business continuity planning
The best businesses are the ones which are running.
What is the benefit of Business Continuity Planning (BCP)? You obtain solutions which help you to keep your business processes running, or to get them back into operation as quickly as possible. Even in the most difficult of circumstances. We work with you to develop a strategy covering all elements which may be necessary for the maintenance of your business operations. Offices, equipment, IT etc, are included in a plan which reflects the needs of your business and sets clear goals and structured procedures for an emergency, with clear priorities. Important aspects of BCP are the definition, protection and availability of important records (e.g. computer data), clearly defined areas of responsibility, support from corporate management, and appropriate financing.

We support you as an expert partner in the implementation of your plans. Please give us a call!
Mould Remediation
The correct repair. Simply better for health.
Mould develops in buildings wherever dampness occurs. Often unnoticed at first, over time it can develop into a real plague, making many residents ill and triggering allergic reactions. Regardless of whether it was caused by leakages, flood damage or poor-quality building – the key to effective treatment is a speedy and thorough repair by specialists. Because many cases of mould growth can be attributed to inexpert initial treatment. Professional repair begins with an analysis and by sealing off the affected area; larger-scale damage demands a microbiological assessment. For drying, BELFOR deploys a variety of processes, e.g. with warm and dry air. Damaged building components are removed, or treated with a special vacuum cleaner. In every case, mould damage repair requires a well thought-out plan and individual treatment.
Our business
Our core business is the restoration of fire-, water- and storm damages. We restore buildings and inventory, machinery, electrical and electronical devices, rescue documents and data, take over drying and repair works. We support our clients with solutions to get them back in business as soon as possible and to limit the consequences of damage. Always on board: state-of-the-art restoration procedures, a lot of know-how and above all a team of experts which is always at your side. At the right time, at the right place.
We help our customers to overcome the consequences of incidents that cause loss or damage and to get back to normality.
Even in critical situations, we maintain an overview of what’s happening, know exactly what needs to be done, and carry out the damage restoration work quickly and professionally.
In many cases, our work prevents our customers from suffering more extensive losses. We are well aware of the importance and the responsibility attached to this role.
We are at your side.
BELFOR is the leading company for damage restoration worldwide. We help private and commercial clients to minimise the consequences of fire, water and storm damage. By assigning excellently trained specialists and using state-of-the-art equipment, we do everything in our power to put things back in order and get companies back in business as quickly as possible.
Small and large disasters strike every day, everywhere in the world, bringing routine processes to a screeching halt. Fires break out, storms rage, natural forces leave a trail of devastation. In situations like these, professional and reliable assistance is needed, someone who helps put things back on track. BELFOR assists its clients with professional disaster recovery and restoration services – around the clock, around the globe.

1989 The Haniel Umweltschutz (Environmental Services) Division starts its first activities in the field of fire damage restoration and preventive fire protection through acquisitions in Germany, Switzerland (incl. Austria, Belgium and Italy).

1991 Haniel Umweltschutz is split into two new Divisions: Haniel Industrie-Service and Haniel Envirotec. Haniel Industrie-Service provides services such as pipe and sewer cleaning, special transports, plant maintenance and transport safety. Haniel Envirotec’s activities include machine and plant overhauls, electronics restoration, preventive fire protection and asbestos removal.

1995 Drying services are added to the range of activities. The two Divisions, which were split four years ago, are reunited under the name of Haniel EnviroService. In the meantime, the fire and water restoration damages were expanded to France and UK.

1998 All Haniel EnviroService companies offering fire and water damage repair services operate under the BELFOR umbrella brand.

1999 BELFOR enters the US market and becomes a world-leading disaster recovery and restoration company.

2000 BELFOR acquires a leading European competitor (Relectronic-Remech) and enters the Asian market. BELFOR gains technical expertise and becomes the market leader. At the same time, Haniel EnviroService sells its pipe and sewer services and industrial services. At the end of the year, the Division is renamed BELFOR International, whose core business is the restoration of fire and water damage.

2004-2005 BELFOR opens new branch offices in Germany, Austria and expands its East European business to Poland and Czech Republic. The Asian market appearance is strengthened by a new operation in Japan while the Canadian operations acquire two competitors in the Northern part of Canada.

2006 The Haniel Group sells BELFOR to the newly established BELFOR Holdings Inc., whose headquarters are in Delaware, USA and which is headed by the current top man­agement of the BELFOR Group. This means the present managing directors of the holding company, the managing directors of the European and, in particular, of the North American country operations as well as other top managers are the new shareholders of BELFOR. Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH has a 25 per cent interest in BELFOR Holdings Inc.

The BELFOR Group is now jointly headed by Bernd Elsner and Sheldon Yellen. Elsner is responsible for the European and Asian operations and Yellen continues to run the United States and Canadian operations.

BELFOR is the world-leading fire and water damage restoration company and employs 3,200 people in 170 locations in over 27 countries.
BELFOR Austria GmbH
A 1230 Vienna, Grossmarktstr 8
+43-(0)1- 610 17 - 0
+43-(0)1- 610 17 - 9
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