Visit Vienna

Vienna - the capital of Austria, which for a long time was the center of power of the Holy Roman Empire and the residence of the Habsburg dynasty, has turned into a peaceful and cozy city, on the streets of which tourists will find a wonderful cocktail of different architectural styles and forms, patriarchal tranquility and modern active fuss. It is this contrast that leaves the most indelible impression on tourists who first stepped on this ancient land.

Vienna is one of the largest capitals of Europe, with a multifaceted historical and cultural heritage. She is known for her operas and ballets, museums and cafes. Vienna has long been considered the capital of classical music and baroque. Here, many world-famous composers such as Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, etc. have succeeded each other for centuries.

To date, the Austrian capital has more than a hundred theaters and museums. Vienna is characterized by an abundance of monuments and rich architecture, the Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Schoenbrunn Palace in the Baroque style. New art and architecture are also developing well.

Someone associates Vienna with music and great composers, someone - with Viennese sweets, someone with architecture. In fact, the city combines all this and much more. Vienna is huge and it is impossible to get acquainted with it in one day.

Visiting Vienna one day, you want to go back again and again...


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